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Why Should I Have A Will?

You have worked and saved all your life to accumulate assets, investments and money. You may have a lot or you may have a little. It is important to you not to waste it.

Read our article now: Why Should I Have A Will? or watch this video: Ever wonder what happens if you die without a will?

Power of Attorney

Need a Power of Attorney that covers all your financial affairs not just your bank account? Click here:  (Continuing Power of Attorney for Property)

Need a Power of Attorney for Personal Care so someone you can trust can make medical decisions for you if you are unable? Click here:  (Power of Attorney for Personal Care)

Executors / Estate Trustees

Wonder what an Executor gets paid for handling your estate?  Click here:  (Compensation for Executors and Trustees)

What does an Executor or Estate Trustee do?  Click here:  (Duties of the Estate Trustee)

Jointly Held Assets

Are you considering adding your child’s name as joint owner?  Read this first:  (Jointly Held Assets)

Probate Fees

Concerned about “Probate Fees”?  Click here:  (Ontario Probate Fees – Highest in Canada)

Planning for Special Needs Beneficiaries

If you have a “special needs” person in your family, read this before you plan your Will:  (Planning for Special Needs Beneficiaries)


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