Why Should I Have A Will?

You have worked and saved all your life to accumulate assets, investments and money. You may have a lot or you may have a little. It is important to you not to waste it.

If you use a lawyer to prepare a proper Will and Estate Plan you will be able to select appropriate Executors to arrange your funeral, pay your last debts, liquidate or transfer assets in accordance with your Will. If you die without a Will than your Estate will pass under Ontario Legislation and it may not go where you intend.

In your Will you can set up trusts for handicapped children or beneficiaries who are wasteful of money and need supervision.

You can set up trusts for cottage properties so that all the family may share them. Your lawyer can evaluate the tax consequences caused by the type of assets you own at your death and can help you minimize taxes with proper planning.

A proper Will allows you to suggest to the Courts a guardian for your children and their assets, if they are under age at the time of your death.

Many people put off planning a Will because the whole thought of dying is upsetting. Please note that the meeting with your lawyer is informal and we will work as a team with you to make it an easy and worth while experience.

We will provide you with an accurate estimate of a cost of completing the documents you require, including a timetable for completion, in case your planning is urgent. We will outline all the possibilities available to you for estate planning so that you may choose the items that are most beneficial to you.

Before seeing your lawyer, complete this Personal Data Sheet.