Real Estate

We can assist in the purchase, sale or mortgage of all properties, including residential, commercial, industrial, farms and cottages. Assistance is available for selling or buying with or without a realtor, including negotiating, drafting or reviewing the Offer to sell or purchase and all required conveyancing and related documents.

If you need a mortgage loan to finance the purchase we can advise how to obtain same or refer you to a diligent and qualified mortgage broker or bank mortgage officer. We will provide assistance with respect to the preparation, execution and registration of the mortgage loan and provide the required opinion to the bank when required.

If you intend to lease any type of property we will negotiate and prepare the Offer to Lease and Lease Agreement whether it is a 40 page triple net lease for a mall or a simple residential lease.

If you need any single real estate related document drafted and/or registered, such as a Discharge of Mortgage, a simple Deed for estate planning purposes, we can help. If you need advice on how to establish the boundaries of your property and what you can do on your property we can advise.